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Developer relations
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Uttam Tripathi

DevRelCon London 2019

DevRelCon Earth 2020:

Covid-19 has changed a lot this year. And it’s changing DevRelCon, too. As we can’t run our usual events in San Francisco, London, or Tokyo, we’re going global with our first online event.

Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 30th for sessions streamed by the DevRelCon London, San Francisco, and Tokyo teams. There’ll also be “corridor track” style opportunities and more. You can register for free and, if you’d like to donate towards the running costs then you can buy a ticket too.

We are (re-)opening the CFP to allow for more speakers to submit and be added to the global line-up. Speakers who have been accepted to DevRelCon SF and DevRelCon Tokyo before COVID-19 automatically will be included in the schedule. The deadline for the re-opened CFP is May 17, 2020 (Sunday). (Accepted speakers from the other two events will be contacted and scheduled into the DevRelCon Earth 2020 series).

Everyone participating in DevRelCon agrees to abide by our code of conduct.

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The amazing speakers at DevRelCon Earth 2020.

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Developer relations, developer experience, and developer marketing training.

Join us on … in San Francisco for a day’s training covering developer relations strategy, developer experience, and developer community.

You’ll learn from well known expert dev rel trainers, with a choice of modules so that you can hone the specific skills that interest you. Get your training tickets now at the early bird price.

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Developer Experience

Cristiano Betta and Alyss Noland

Cristiano is a senior Developer Advocate and Developer Experience designer at Box.

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Developer community

Matthew Revell

Whether you’re responsible for a mature developer community or you’re starting out with something brand new, it can seem as though there’s no roadmap to help you decide what to do and when.

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Metrics and goals

Mary Thengvall

How do you know the work you’re doing is having an impact on the business?

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Social media for dev rel

Joe Nash

Social media, in all its forms, plays an important role in how developers learn, socialise, and progress their careers.

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User and market research

Carla Teixeira

How can you give your developer relations and developer experience a basis in fact?

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DevRel Awards

London 2019

DevRel Awards 2020:

The DevRel Awards recognise the very best of developer relations and developer experience.

This year’s awards will take place at DevRelCon San Francisco and nominations are open now for awards in:

  • Most welcoming developer community
  • Greatest individual contribution to developer relations
  • Best developer experience
  • Best developer education
  • Best new developer relations programme
  • Best developer relations programme overall.

Last years' winners

  • Campus Experts – Most welcoming developer community
  • Ashley McNamara – Greatest individual contribution to developer relations
  • Sentry Scouts – Best new developer relations programme
  • Nexmo – Best developer relations programme overall



Westfield Center, San Francisco.

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