Adam FitzGerald

VP Developer Relations


Adam is VP Developer Relations at HashiCorp and has more than 15 years of experience helping companies engage effectively with developers, operators and engineers. Prior to joining HashiCorp, Adam ran Developer Relations for Amazon Web Services, Pivotal, VMware, SpringSource, and BEA Systems. His technical interests include data science, infrastructure automation and fault tolerant composable service architectures.He is a recovering mathematician (almost 20 years since his last formal proof), regular swimmer, occasional triathlete, aging gamer and proud geek parent.

Taking the next step in DevRel Metrics

Hiring! Roundtable

This session will discuss concrete examples of how to measure 1) evangelist/advocate engagement with developers 2) composite measures of Open Source project health and 3) program impact estimations using synthetic control groups. The material will be based on real world examples from developer relations programs at HashiCorp and Amazon Web Services.



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