Aman Alam

Developer Relations professional


Aman is a Developer Relations professional, and an all around software engineer. Aman has played with many web and mobile technologies. He has worked with Twitter, Akamai and The OAN, as a DevRel practitioner, and in these different capacities, has advocated for different APIs, libraries, Mobile SDKs, CDN and blockchain technologies around the world. Aman keeps mentoring many young engineers and students and has mentored many young startups with their mobile strategies. When not coding or speaking with developers, Aman likes to play sports and video games.

From stage-shy to World Tours : How I trained myself for public speaking

I was not comfortable on a stage, or before a camera, and thus public speaking never came to me naturally. It was still the thing I wanted to do because I wanted to give back to the community that gave me so much, and public speaking felt like one of the very important ways of doing that.

But, I used to literally shake with nervousness and run out of breath whenever I had to speak up before a group any more than 5 people.

In this session I’ll discuss various ways that I discovered, learned, and continue to practice, to become better at public speaking, presentation deck making, and delivering a talk.

I’ll start with the fundamentals – dealing with the various fears associated with public speaking : What if I say the wrong thing, what if there someone in the audience who know more than me, what if I fumble, or my hardware malfunctions, what if I don’t know enough of the subject, etc.

How to prepare the content, how to come up with a story that you want to tell, and how to weave your deck together. I’ll talk about various ways of approaching a talk, about what we want the listeners to walk away with, and how our talks can often relate the subject at hand, with various problems the listeners often face in their lives.

For people who find it tough to make presentations, I’ll share how various ways of many of my colleagues and peers have helped me prepare better content and come up with presentations, starting from a blurb, then an outline, then a few rough drafts, finally into a presentation.

I’ll discuss the importance of practicing, self-rehearsals, various ways of assessing yourself, which have helped me over the years, and how a talking script or presenter notes in your deck can be helpful.

I’ll also talk about how humor plays a very important role, and how to become comfortable with the subject at hand, to be able to be free on the stage, and own any hiccups that happen, if at all.

I’ll discuss some exercises that I learned, to practice right before I’d go on stage, to help my voice acclimatize to speaking at length, how drinking water has been very helpful. And how one of my senior colleagues helped me wrap my head around the whole art of speaking, by mentioning the fact that public speaking has a fair bit of performance art within in it.

And once I was becoming better at managing my anxiety, how different voice modulations, stress and pause patterns, along with gestures, helped me deliver a better presentation, and also get better pictures 😉



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