Amara Graham

Director of Developer Relations


Amara is the Director of Developer Relations at Wowza. Before her step into developer relations, she was an enterprise web application developer focusing on line of business applications and assisting developers across various teams on implementing proprietary and open source solutions. She’s passionate about UX, technical communities (both online and offline) and excited to see where advances in AI take us. In her spare time she experiments in the kitchen and plays console video games.

Success Metrics as Narratives

“Numbers have long been the defacto way of describing success. In DevRel we often count “butts in seats” for conference talks and workshops, number of badge scans at booths, and attendees at parties. But numbers don’t tell a full story, like if the event was actually worth the ime of the folks that were sent to it. Numbers are not the storytellers we need in DevRel.

In this talk, I will describe the use of narratives before, during, and after events to get a complete picture of DevRel event success. I’ll also include how setting ratios and ranges for success tells a better story than just a single number that may lose its context when presented.


Twitter: missamarakay

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