Ana Jiménez Santamaria

Software Marketing Strategist


Ana is currently working at Bitergia, a Software Development Analytics firm specialized in Open Source and InnerSource projects, while studying for her master’s in Data Science.  As a software marketing specialist and data nerd, Ana is really interested in Open Source and community metrics.

When she isn’t glued to a computer working on content strategy, Ana spends her time gaming, illustrating and learning Japanese. She has been a speaker at some international conferences such as CHAOSSCon Brussels, DevRelCon Tokyo, OpenInfraDays London or Innersource Commons Summit.

C in CRM stands for Community: the DevRel way

DevRel is about building relationships with developers, it’s about people! However, when it comes to understand and measure those relationships , shaping developer communities can be a tedious work for any DevRel specialist

Can we profile developers using CRM approaches, avoiding sales and marketing features and focus on community & developer relations?

During this talk, Ana will introduce the “Community” resource management approach. Audience will be able to see a different way to analyze developer community behavior and easily report community insights, based on user, contributor and maintainer personas

The talk is oriented to DevRel people and community managers, hopefully willing to collaborate in an open source initiative to build something useful for the DevRel community.


Twitter: @anajsana95

LinkedIn: ana-jiménez-santamaría

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