Andreia Tulcidás

Community Engagement Manager


Andreia Tulcidás lives and breathes the golden rule, “by the community, for the community” when it comes to managing programs for the developer community at OutSystems.
She’s a “people person” through and through and loves to connect and engage, always with a smile! Even so, Andreia isn’t afraid of a good challenge, no matter how simple or complex they appear to be. Grow the in-person community by 200%? Let’s do this!
When not building communities, you can find her jamming in a karaoke bar or searching for her next travel destination.

How to mobilize your community during a pandemic

How can you leverage your community to help when a global crisis hits and everything is thrown upside down?

COVID-19 has had a strong impact around the world and different communities are mobilizing and volunteering to help as much as they can – whether through 3D printing of face shields, fundraising money to buy hospital resources, or offering to go grocery shopping for the elderly or contributing.

We knew we wanted to help and we had a community of 300k+ members that we could leverage… but how?

OutSystems created the COVID-19 Community Response Program, where everyone and anyone in the community could submit their ideas of apps that could have a positive impact during these difficult times, and the Community team would help turn up to 20 of those ideas into a reality – with the help of Developer Advocates, development teams from partners and infrastructures to make them happen.

In the space of 2 months, we received 300+ ideas from our community, we selected 19 ideas (out of which 12 are already live and having a positive impact in society) and we mobilized 160 community members to help.

What will you get out of this session:

– Structured communications plan to mobilize your community and make your program be heard (email from the CEO to all employees, comms to all customers and partners, email to the community, follow-ups to all ideas submission and volunteering opportunities)
– Programmatic approach to get your community to contribute (landing page with info and FAQs, digital platform to allow the submission of ideas and their tracking, page to show all the selected projects, the teams behind it and their status)
– Continuous engagement strategy with your community (unique workspace where everyone can interact with each other, daily syncs with the teams working on the projects, weekly updates of the projects, monthly councils for the teams)
– Intensive promoting efforts of your community’s efforts (social media, blog posts, press releases, user generated content – even though their volunteering to help, they should always get recognized for their work)



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