Luis Colón

Senior Developer Advocate, AWS CloudFormation

Amazon Web Services

Luis is a Senior Developer Advocate for AWS CloudFormation. His previous role in Amazon was Software Development Manager for several CloudFormation engineering teams and, before Amazon, he lead design, architecture, R&D and DevOps teams. Luis’ interests include data science, agile methodologies, open source communities and development tooling, testing, and automation. He has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University, and a Masters of Science in Data Analytics from Southern New Hampshire University, as well as multiple technical and agile methodology certifications. Luis is based out of Seattle and, in his spare time, he mixes trance and progressive music.

Growing community engagement via open repositories

There are many ways to chat with your developers where they already spend time, including places like GitHub. Learn how different types of repositories can engage your developers, and how the data from these repositories can be used to track and correlate engagement in other social media channels. We’ll cover how we’ve used this strategy to drive engagement for an AWS service.



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