Arkodyuti Saha


Arkodyuti is a Developer Relations Program Manager from India as a part of the Cloud Advocacy at Microsoft.
He’s is an Open Source enthusiast who writes code and loves to engage in developer communities. He has worked with many developer communities impacting Digital Literacy, Internet Health in India and has run a few of India’s biggest open source hackathons for more than 4 years now. His intentions towards joining the credo of DevRel is simple, “help developers.”

Breaking the DevRel Stereotypes – Fly less; Impact more

Developer Relations is a misunderstood role today. It’s not always about hopping to multiple continents every week and delivering talks/technical sessions. Yes, the credo includes developer advocates/evangelists/marketing managers but guess what the core intention for all of them is to “help developers” and drive Modern Developer Psychology- where we aim to encourage developers today to shape their developer journey to write, speak and code.

This talk will be more of storytelling many crowdsourced experiences – about what I’ve learned from developers about Code, Content & Community.


Twitter: @arkodyutisaha

LinkedIn: /arkodyutisaha/

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