Atsushi Nakatsugawa



CEO of MOONGIFT Inc. in Japan. Ruby and JavaScript Programmer.
He manages Web site named [MOONGIFT]( that introduce Open source Software everyday to Japanese programmers from 2004. It is the biggest Open source information site in Japan.
He started DevRel agency service since 2014. He has a knowledge of developing content for programmers.

Brand new 6 DevRel techniques in Japan

DevRel is strongly influenced by country-specific factors such as culture, language, education and work style. The United States has DevRel style for the United States, of course the United Kingdom also has it, and Japan has the Japanese DevRel.

This session will introduce you to the exciting developer culture in Japan in recent years. This idea could be useful for DevRel in other countries.

The following six DevRel measures are introduced.

2. Tech Book Fest
3. Mokumoku-Kai
4. Advent Calendar
5. VTuber
6. PowerPoint Karaoke

I will introduce what each measure is and what effect it has. Some measures are offline, others are online measures. Some of these can lead to community development and others can increase awareness.

These measures are not only possible in Japan. Ideas are also available in the United States and Europe. I want you to arrange it and use it.



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