Austin Parker

Principal Developer Advocate


Austin Parker has been solving – and creating – problems with computers and technology for most of his life. He is Principal Developer Advocate at LightStep and maintainer on the OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry projects. His professional dream is to build a world where we’re able to create and run more reliable software. In addition to his professional work, he’s taught college classes, spoken about all things DevOps and Distributed Tracing, and even found time to start a podcast. Austin is also the co-author of the forthcoming book Distributed Tracing in Practice, available in early 2020 from O’Reilly Media.

Love and Animal Crossing in the Age of Covid-19

Running a virtual event can be an organizational and logistical nightmare – and that’s when everything is going right. Trying to put together the world’s first DevOps Event in Animal Crossing is another thing entirely, especially when you’ve got less than thirty days to do it! In this talk, you’ll learn about the origins of Deserted Island DevOps, how we made it all come together, and a few lessons I learned about what community and events can mean going forward.

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