Benjamin Dean

Principal Developer Advocate


Benjamin has been developing web applications, software, and full-stack development since 1999. The last eight years of his career have been focused on building successful developer communities, developer platforms, and app marketplaces for enterprise organizations.

Lessons from the fires of Mount Zoom!

I’ve helped grow the Zoom Developer Program since it was officially launched in October 2018, and in my nearly 8 year career in DevRel, I’ve helped establish/grow successful developer programs for companies such as RingCentral and Salesforce.

But nothing could have prepared me, my teammates, or Zoom’s DevRel program for…

“The Rona”!

Working at Zoom to help keep the world connected during this unprecedented global event, was the most intense, challenging, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our program grew at blitz-scale pace on hi-octane steroids!

You’ve heard the phrase, “drinking from a firehose”, nah.
It was more like “guzzling from a tsunami”!

In this session, I’ll share how our team survived the most insane and intense growth spike ever experienced by a DevRel program in history, ways our program was prepared, processes and other things that failed, and the biggest lessons learned!



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