Charles Pretzer

Field Engineer


Charles Pretzer is a field engineer at Buoyant, where he spends his time collaborating and engaging with the open source community of the CNCF service mesh, Linkerd. He also enables production level adoption by helping companies integrate Linkerd into their Kubernetes based applications. Charles has spoken at meetups and conferences hosted by ABN Amro, Macnica, and at the NGINX Conference. When he’s not presenting or in hacking away at his computer, he’s riding a motorcycle or making a delicious mess in the kitchen.

Leveraging Previous Work Experience to Start a DevRel Career

The practice of Developer Relations requires a wide breadth of knowledge AND the ability to communicate that knowledge with members of your community.

This talk is aimed at individuals looking to start a career in developer relations as well as current practitioners who are seeking to advance their current practice.

We gain knowledge in several ways, and one of those ways is through experience. That experience is not limited to our own experience, we can also gain knowledge through the experiences of others.

The purpose of this talk is to reflect on a 20+ year career in technology and identify notable pieces of experience that can be applied to our practice as developer relations. Among these experiences are:
– Providing customer support directly to customers
– Leading a customer support team
– Working on projects as part of an engineering team
– Managing engineering projects
– Architecting and developing solutions within the constraints of customer requirements
– Understanding that some development constraints require creative solutions that are not found in tutorials
– Presenting to private and public audiences

By selecting aspects of the various roles, attendees will walk away with an understanding about how our personal experiences can become toolkits for strengthening our DevRel practice.



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