Christina Voskoglou

Senior Director of Research


Christina Voskoglou is passionate about bridging the chasm of understanding between companies and their customers – be it consumers or developers – through data and research, making the world a slightly better place in the process.

Christina has a long track record of designing customer intelligence initiatives from business problem definition, to infrastructure and processes specification, to building analytics teams and defining a targeted customer outreach strategy based on data insights.

The changing face of tech communities

Not that many years ago, software development was a walled garden reserved for the savvy pros. Similarly, data science and machine learning were unknown terms, and those into the field were considered a rare and peculiar species speaking a weird language of dubious value. Times have changed.

In this session we’ll discuss how the boom in APIs, SaaS and automations led to lower barriers to entry and hence to the democratisation of many technologies. This in turn led to a sharp growth of the developer ecosystem, but also to a change in the typical profile of those involved in it.

We begin by looking at the size of the total developer population, its evolution over the years and its forecasted growth. We compare the size of the developer communities across different sectors, ranging from the more mature ones, such as mobile, desktop and web, to the still emerging ones, such as augmented reality and machine learning. We also discuss the growth in the communities attracted to trending technologies, such as computer vision, fog/edge computing, and self-driving cars.

We then discuss the shift in the profile of those involved in software development, based on our ongoing survey data capturing the experiences of tens of thousands of developers across the globe. We look at demographics and firmographics, the background and experience of developers, as well as their role as decision makers.

Last but not least, we take a closer look at the emerging communities of augmented and virtual reality. We show you how the ecosystem is partially handed over from specialists to non-developers, and how the tooling and support needs in this field are expected to change as a result.


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