Denis Magda

Apache Ignite PMC Member and Committer, Head of DevRel at GridGain

Apache Foundation

Denis Magda is an open-source enthusiast who started his journey in Sun Microsystems as a developer advocate and presently settled down at Apache Software Foundation in the roles of Apache Ignite committer and PMC member. He is an expert in distributed systems and platforms who actively contributes to Apache Ignite and helps companies to build successful open-source projects. You can be sure to come across Denis at conferences, workshops and other events sharing his knowledge about the open-source, community building, distributed systems.

Community over Code: Building Successful Open-Source Projects

Many companies adopt open-source models to expose their software products to a broader audience and to grow their business more rapidly. Then, the companies begin to realize that the development of an open-source community is comparable to the development of a human being—with many bumps along the way.

During the newborn stage, only source code exists, and the struggle is to attract the first members of the community. During the toddler stage, the project creates a core community that actively contributes to the codebase but pays little attention to the mentorship of newcomers or the support of end users. During the teen years, the originating company becomes only one of the many that contribute to the project, and, as contributors pursue their own business interests, the community is at risk of splitting into factions or even ceasing to exist.

In this session, we review how the “Community over Code” principle of Apache Software Foundation helps its 350+ projects and communities navigate through the milestones and obstacles that are encountered during a project’s lifetime. We examine how to integrate an engineering group into an open-source process and, simultaneously, stay focused on contributions to code, documentation, and end-user support. We discuss how to retain core community members and to build bridges between contributing vendors.

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