Ekene Eze

Developer Advocate


Ekene leads the developer advocacy team at Flutterwave. He works with the rest of the team to optimize developer relation efforts, and improve developer experiences.

Track everything, measure everything, it still won’t be enough

Measuring the impact of our activities and communicating how it adds value to the company is the general challenge of every DevRel team. Over time we have experimented on some metrics we should track, some that we shouldn’t and up until this day, there’s still no unanimous decision on it.

To this end, several DevRel teams I know have resorted to tracking and measuring everything. I mean, what’s there to lose?.

What they don’t know is that if certain measures are not put in place, you can measure and track all the metrics in the world and still not prove your worth to your management.

I arrived at this understanding after 5 months of trial and error as a first-time Developer Advocate at Flutterwave with no prior DA experience. Happy to say that right now my team is as important as any other team in the company because we were able to look beyond the metrics, to the other relevant factors that many DevRel teams are yet to observe and consider.

This is what I would like to share at DevRelCon if given the opportunity. A step away from the status quo into a different way of communicating our value.

This will cover a list of the things we need to do to get the much-needed visibility for our metrics. The ways to get the company to understand our mission and how our activities are leading up to it. I’ll also share the metrics we track at Flutterwave, how we track it and how often we make reports.
Hopefully, this will be of help to others in our field.



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