Geraldine Zanolli

Developer Advocate


Geraldine a.k.a. Gigi is a Developer Advocate at Tableau. Her new mission is to enable Tableau’s developers to be successful in their adoption and usage of our APIs and developer tools. Before moving to Seattle, she was a Product Consultant based in our London office. She was helping customers from all around EMEA in their Tableau adoption with a focus on the developer platform. Prior to that, she worked in IT Management and completed a double MSc in Information Systems and Computer Science, a real geek! Originally from Mauritius (a tiny island in the Indian Ocean), Gigi decided to trade sunny days for new adventures in Europe and now the US.

See and Understand your data

At Tableau, data is the core of our business, and in the DevRel team, we didn’t forget it! This talk is going to cover how once your main KPIs are defined based on your goal, data can help you achieve your goal and better understand both your developer community and the opportunity you have to grow it. We will go over finding the data sources, combining them and visualize the data. Be ready to be amazed, inspire and come away feeling empowered!



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