Guillaume Laforge

Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform


Guillaume Laforge is Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform, at day, and at night, he is a Java Champion, wears his Apache Groovy hat.

The Developer Advocacy Feedback Loop

Not just about one-way evangelism! Developer Advocacy is about the feedback loop! Dev Advocates talk about their products and services to a technical audience. But, as engineers themselves, they are also alpha testers of those solutions. Developer Advocates advocate for their products, right? Wrong! They first and foremost advocate on behalf of the developers. They help shape the products, thanks to this know-how from the field. Beyond this, they actually advocate for their communities. They represent technical practitioners, listen to their feedback, and influence product teams to implement those needs.

In this presentation, we’ll talk about approaches, tools and solutions that a Developer Advocate can use or put in place in order to create that tight feedback loop (like “friction logs”, “customer empathy sessions”, “office hours”, and more)

A product that is shaped by its users makes for a better product, and happier users make for great customers and themselves advocates of your products! So tighten the loop!



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