Jason St-Cyr

Manager, Technical Evangelists


Jason is a Technical Evangelist with 20 years of experience in the software development field using a variety of technologies. His primary focuses are in DevRel, DevOps, Sitecore, solution architecture, and product marketing.

Having spent his career delivering digital solutions with a focus on quality assurance, deployment processes, and DevOps tooling, Jason now brings his expertise to Sitecore as the manager for the global team of technical evangelists in Sitecore’s Technical Marketing team

Baby Steps for Metrics

A lot of discussion happens on what are the “right” metrics to use to show DevRel impact, but how do you get there? What do you report on as you build up your analytics? How do you get started?

In this session, we look at an iterative approach to gradually improving your DevRel reporting. As the manager for our global team of technical evangelists at Sitecore, I report up into marketing on how we are impacting our community and what our efforts are leading to. It is not perfect. It never will be. We continuously improve our reporting to get a better picture and show our team’s impact, and this session will dive into how we go about doing that improvement.

What will you learn?
1. Things you can report on now with no data.
2. Easy metrics that can help influence management on your value.
3. Secondary metrics to transition to more ‘outcome-based’ reporting.
4. Giving numbers a meaning.

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