John Mertic

Director of Program Management

Linux Foundation

John Mertic is the Director of Program Management for The Linux Foundation. Under his leadership, he has helped ASWF, ODPi, Open Mainframe Project, and R Consortium accelerate open source innovation and transform industries. John has an open source career spanning two decades, both as a contributor to projects such as SugarCRM and PHP, and in open source leadership roles at SugarCRM, OW2, and OpenSocial. With an extensive open source background, he is a regular speaker at various Linux Foundation and other industry trade shows each year. John is also an avid writer and has authored two books “The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications” and “Building on SugarCRM” as well as published articles on IBM Developerworks, Apple Developer Connection, and PHP Architect.

Diversity and Inclusivity of Life Experiences in communities

We all strive for diversity in our communities, and can universally agree that having diversity produces better outcomes. But crossing that chasm is hard – one part in identifying diverse individuals, but a larger part is creating inclusive spaces. And to create that, we need to understand where these people come from and the life experiences they’ve encountered.

In this talk, I will speak from my personal experiences in open source communities, as well as in my own family, of understanding diversity and inclusive spaces. I will talk about trauma and the effects of trauma in individuals and how this shapes their actions and behaviors, how to be supportive of and create inclusive spaces for people with diverse life experiences, and ways to work with people in your community that might be considered “bad actors” but really might be suffering from the effects of traumatic life experiences.



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