Josh Dzielak

Co-founder and CTO


Josh Dzielak is a developer advocate and software engineer,  currently the co-founder & CTO of Orbit. Josh helped build the developer communities at Algolia and Keen IO, learning a lot about how to make developers successful along the way. Josh looks at technology through the human lens and always has far too many unrealized side project ideas.

How to measure developer love and reach with the orbit model

Two things a developer relations program should understand are ‘How much do our developers like us?’ and ‘How many people are they telling about us?’ The answers shape the growth of our communities, but it’s not obvious how to put numbers to them. In this talk, I’ll share examples of how real companies use data to calculate the love & reach for their communities and use that data to prioritize DevRel efforts. Then I’ll describe how you can start doing the same today to win the hearts and minds of more developers! No expensive BI tools or data science required.

This session will take place in a seminar format where Josh will give his talk in a longer format, while encouraging a discussion amongst the participants.


Twitter: dzello

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