Joyce Lin

Senior Developer Advocate


Joyce is a senior developer advocate with Postman, an API Development Platform used by 11M+ users and 500K+ companies to access bazillions of APIs every month. For many, Postman is an everyday companion that helps them visualize and test APIs more efficiently.

The democratization of APIs

APIs are continuing to become more important for modern organizations across all walks of life. Of course, there are API-only companies. But there’s also companies with end users who have never even heard of an API. And also companies who are just now preaching the importance of APIs within their organization.

Even though we are called Developer Relations, some of us are starting to deal with those who don’t identify as a “developer”. For many of us, we are educating and advocating for those with a varying degree of technical experience. Whether or not you agree with the democratization of APIs, the trend is clear.

This talk will investigate industry examples of demonstrating the value of technology to an increasingly diverse audience, as well as trends and tools to accelerate and scale this process.



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