Karin Wolok

Program Manager, Community Development


Karin began her career in entertainment marketing working with the likes of names like Eminem and Live Nation. She also launched a successful professional women’s network in two major cities in the U.S., organized events for her local Data Science meetup, and helped lead a on-going hackathon to put machine learning in the hands of cancer biologists. This journey eventually led her to her current role as a Program Manager for Community Development for the leading graph database in the world, Neo4j. Now, she’s making connections in a company that helps makes sense of connected data.

Form Community Programs to Make Your Job Easier

As your community grows, different personas join. Each persona will likely have gifts and strengths that are given to them naturally, from answering technical questions to presenting at conferences.

This talk will provide you with a framework to create community programs that intertwine with your teams’ responsibilities; bringing value to the rest of your user community and helping you reduce your need for higher employee headcount.



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