Laurent Doguin

VP of Developer Relations

Clever Cloud

Laurent is Vice President of Developer relations at Clever Cloud. He’s also a nerdy metal head based in Paris. He mostly wrotes code in Java and structured text in Markdown, and often talks about data, reactive programming and other buzzwordy stuff. Laurent is also a former Developer Advocate for Couchbase and Nuxeo where he devoted his time and expertise to helping both communities grow bigger and stronger.

Dev rel is a lie

As Devrel grows more popular so grows its identity crisis and questioning. We wonder about its meaning. What is it? The good old Marketing or Engineering dilemma. How do you measure what you do? This talk is *not* a post about measuring DevRel. And it’s not about other ‘traditional’ topics like planes and airporta, burnout and more recently how to become a live streamer, or DevRel during lockdown. It’s not about Karaoke either sadly.

It’s about DevRel perception. How people unfamiliar with it perceive it. I see companies wanting to join the trend and look for ‘a DevRel’, or to assemble a DevRel team. Like DevRel is a job and you need to hire ‘a DevRel’. Just search Devrel on Linkedin and you will see. Devrel is a job, or a dedicated team. Is it though?


Twitter: ldoguin

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