Lusen Mendel

Director of Developer Relations


Lusen Mendel / they / them is Director of Developer Relations at Karat, and speaks regularly about interview best practices for candidates, interviewers and organizations. Previously they were responsible for hiring and performance managing hundreds of Interview Engineers as Karat’s Director of Interviewing. Before Karat, Lusen managed software engineering teams at Indiegogo, Rackspace and Cloudkick. Lusen also makes videos to help candidates and employees advocate for themselves:

Lending our DevRel Privilege: Closing Keynote Roundtable for Inclusion, Community, and Change

Have you wanted to apply your DevRel, Community Management, and DX/UX skills, knowledge, empathy, and reach to causes and communities in need? Our excellent speakers from past and present DevRelCon events will outline specific actions that we can take at work and in our personal lives.

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