Megan Slater

Admiral of Meetup Mates and Community Advocate


Megan is Admiral of Meetup Mates and Community Advocate at Tecknuovo. She has worked within the tech community as an organiser, cheerleader and general busy body for the past three and a half years, first at Skills Matter and now at Tecknuovo. She’s watched and helped many different meetup groups grow across the tech spectrum, and couldn’t imagine interacting with a more passionate and vibrant group of people as the London tech scene. When she’s not running between meetups, she can be found surrounded by too many dice or in a field wearing armour. She’s always open to board game recommendations!

Bringing Crewmates to the Community Treasure Trove

Meetups are an integral part of the tech world both professionally and personally. Looking at the State of Developer Relations Report 2019, 77% of Developer Advocates use meetups to reach out to developers. Meetups are where software engineers can be hit with inspiration, where developer advocates can share their companies’ innovations, where people can come together and solve problems. It’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure that everyone who wants to attend, can.

Through community feedback, we discovered certain issues with meetup attendance. The lack of support for first time meetup attendees inspired the creation of Meetup Mates, the online and offline community initiative that offers a supportive network to meetup attendees which helps make attending meetups more accessible for everyone. We found that 42% of respondents wanted to attend meetups but didn’t because they had no one to go with. 25% had never attended because of social nervousness.

In this talk, Megan and Kat will share more about the initiative, the highs and lows of creating a positive environment, and growing a community within a community. Attendees will learn why there is a need for Meetup Mates, how it’s making the community more accessible and inclusive, and why their mission is so important. Everyone has the right to have an opportunity to be part of the tech world they love, here’s how you can help make that happen.

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