Melissa Gurney Greene

Associate Director of Community


Melissa Gurney Greene runs Community at HashiCorp where she is responsible for Developer Advocacy and Community Programs. Melissa has a passion for making technology accessible, with interests in infrastructure automation, data science and robots. Prior to joining HashiCorp, Melissa worked at DellEMC, where her career spanned the disciplines of global portfolio messaging, technical evangelism and large-scale cloud and datacenter implementations. In her free time, Melissa is a parent, host of the Speaking in Tech podcast and a Little League Umpire.

Taking the next step in DevRel Metrics

This session will discuss concrete examples of how to measure 1) evangelist/advocate engagement with developers 2) composite measures of Open Source project health and 3) program impact estimations using synthetic control groups. The material will be based on real world examples from developer relations programs at HashiCorp and Amazon Web Services.

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