Moti Granovsky

Head of Developer Relations & API architect


Moti has been developing software since 2006, leading software engineering teams since 2010 and figuring out DevRel and DX since 2017. Motis is an API design fanatic and Javascript enthusiast.

Why developer relations should be an engineering project

As DevRel/Dx, we’re measured by metrics such as community engagement, developer satisfaction and API usage – but we often operate within the narrow DMZ between our product engineering teams and the user, unable to influence the core of what makes or breaks these metrics: the APIs and SDKs themselves.

As a result, we sometimes find ourselves stuck between the hammer (developer feedback) and the anvil (immutable product planning), unable to promote the necessary change fast enough via advocacy alone, while still trying to put a positive spin on existing APIs we know aren’t good enough for our users.

What would our jobs look like if we owned the API engineering and design, too?
At Sisense, we’ve been attempting just that during the past year. We’ve had our ups and downs, and I’d like to share the ‘why’s, the ‘how’s and what we’ve learned so far.

The talk will cover:
– Why we decided to make DevX an engineering group
– Our process and interaction with other groups
– What we’ve learned so far, good and bad
– How to decide if you should you try this too

[Mini abstract: “Learn what DevRel looks like when it’s deeply involved with API engineering and design, why you may want to try this yourself, and when you shouldn’t.”]



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