Queeny Jin

Head of Internationalization (i18n)


Queeny started her career as a Technical Writer where she gained a unique perspective and insight into technology and people. She then becomes keen on open source technologies and the community. Now, she is actively working on open source projects such as TiDB and TiKV.

Dancing in shackles: managing a multilingual open source community

TiDB, one of the most popular open source distributed databases on GitHub, has gained quite a few stars (24k and growing) and contributors (430+ and growing) from all over the world. How to bridge the gaps between different cultures and languages, code and humanity? I would love to spend this session talking about what we did and hope to inspire those who are in similar situations.


Web: https://pingcap.com/en/

Twitter: @que8eny

LinkedIn: /queeny-jin-b8b6b724/


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