Rosie Pongracz

Worldwide Director, Technical Go-to-Market and Evangelism - Data Science and AI


Rosie is a Technical Marketer. An engineer by training, Rosie has been a full stack marketer and has launched over 50 products and companies as a leader at both early stage and public corporations. Rosie’s latest obsession is Machine learning and AI and currently works at IBM building a data science community.

Where do Data Science, AI and SW Development converge and diverge?

As technology advances, and learning expands, roles transform. This talk discusses how Data Science and Software Development continue to both blend and diverge when the focus is AI. Change is constant, and it is accelerated by new technology and tools for developers and data scientists, broad availability of education, and the growing demand for applying AI across nearly all industries and the public sector. Join this talk for tips on how to reach these different audiences, today and tomorrow.

This talk will include:
– Who ‘typically’ does what today, and expectations for the future
– Why this is changing: key drivers
– What we are doing to engage these different audiences
– What metrics and agile practices are we using as a small, startup in a big company to measure and report our success, as well as guide and adjust our actions based on results?

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