Seigo Tanaka


I have been worked front-end Engineer since 2004 and made interactive contents using Adobe FLASH. Recently. I’m based on front-end technology. I’m going to be related to information and user-interface gradually. ex. IoT, Mixed Reality and AI…

Additionally, I got awards as 2018-2019 IBM Champion and 2018-2019 Microsoft MVP ( Windows Development ). These days I’m involved in DevRel to make connections with outside.

Effective DevRel growth! “The multiple DevRel collaboration” methods and tips!

I talk two important methods as external evangelist,

  • Method1: Polishing together developer experience with other DevRel!
  • This is a method from my Hands-on experience as an external evangelist.
  • I talk that I act its event recently such as IoT devices, UI prototyping tools, and API/Data prototyping tools at same time collaboration.
  • Focusing on respecting each other benefits about these DevRel technologies such as separating their strong points.
  • Each similar strong points such as flow editor atmosphere connect to near thinking each developer especially.
  • Like this, All connecting success to each DevRel show next step creativity for the developer. It’s a fan step up DevRel and developers!
  • Method2: Expanding your DevRel hidden benefits!
  • This is a method from my talk as a speaker with tech collaboration demos.
  • It gets effects that your DevRel expands future and real possibilities naturally. Of course, it outperforms single DevRel alone.
  • I talk that I performed positively various talks and understanding each technology interest distance.
  • Design tool technologies (like Adobe XD) and IoT, VR devices.
  • This case is such as “visualization” interest and “all field prototyping” interest.
  • Various multi-cloud technologies collaboration.
  • This case is such as “freely imagination” interest, “enjoying to input all technology” interest.
  • and more… all cases effect to “uncovering nice future” interest using technology.


When you get these methods from me. You notice that you need the next step such as always continuing to exercise your DevRel, improving other DevRel interest. I would like to deliver it to you!




Twitter: @1ft_seabass

Facebook: /seigo.tanaka

GitHub: @1ft-seabass

LinkedIn: /seigo-tanaka

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