Stef Olafsdottir

CEO and Co-Founder


Stef Olafsdottir, CEO and Co-Founder of Avo, is a mathematician and philosopher, turned genetics researcher, turned data scientist, turned founder. She was the 1st data person and Head of Data Science at QuizUp, a mobile game with 100m users, where she built and led the data science division and culture – including pioneering company-wide ways to prioritize product innovation. She has since consulted companies in various industries with their product analytics culture. Today, she and her cofounders have built Avo to enable product teams to ship product analytics code faster – without bugs. Avo is on a mission to make sure product teams aren’t constantly forced to choose between product delivery speed and data quality.

Measuring developer productivity through their own product measurements

When the Lead Android Developer of one of our customer says “What used to take us 1-2 weeks for every product release, now never takes more than a day”, we can either take his (very heart-warming and wonderful) word for it, or we can do what’s in our DNA as data scientists and engineers: Measure it.

We’d like to tell you about our journey from gut feeling, to qualitative customer testimonials, to how we now measure developer productivity through their own product measurements.



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