Steve Pousty

Director of Developer Relations

Crunchy Data

Steve is a Dad, Son, Partner, and Director of Developer Relations for Crunchy Data (PostgreSQL people). He goes around and shows off all the great work the PostgreSQL community and Crunchy Committers do. He can teach you about Data Analysis with PostgreSQL, Java, Python, MongoDB, and some JavaScript.

He has deep subject area expertise in GIS/Spatial, Statistics, and Ecology. He has spoken at hundreds of conferences and done over 100 workshops including Monktoberfest, MongoNY, JavaOne, FOSS4G, CTIA, AjaxWorld, GeoWeb, Where2.0, and OSCON. Before Crunchy Data, Steve was a developer evangelist for DigitalGlobe, Red Hat, LinkedIn, deCarta, and ESRI.

Steve has a Ph.D. in Ecology. He can easily be bribed with offers of bird watching or fly fishing.

Business Strategies behind Open Source and Support

There are quite a few types of OSS projects, and there are a lot of different business models that have grown out of them. In developer relations our main goal is to make users successful and happy on our platforms. At the same time, many OSS-oriented companies have business models that are based on generating revenue from exactly that: training and support. I have worked in DevRel at a very large OSS company and at a much smaller one. I will talk about some of the issues that came up striking a balance between DevRel and OSS revenue models. I will also include examples from other OSS companies for points of comparison. I will go through actual solutions that I experienced in various different business models, their pros and cons, and suggest new solutions and steps you can take based on the imperfect solutions. You should go home feeling more comfortable that this problem is not unique to your company AND, hopefully, some ways to address it that works for your company.



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