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IBM Sr. Developer Advocate. Specialist for Blockchain, IoT, Web and Mobile Apps with IBM Cloud. Ale Beer and Rock Musics are my favorites.

Learn How to Boost Your Developers Site with Localization

Localize Developer Website

Do you have your own developers websites? If you want to launch and manage your site in your country, it’s very important to localize them. It’ll be effective for your company and developers in your country. After this session, you will get the best way to boost your sites with localization.

How to effect Developer Website

I am a Developer Advocate at IBM, and Chief Editor of developerWorks Japan(IBM official technology web site for developers). I have lots of knowledges for administer developer web site in country. We have original developerWorks in English but it is often hard to read/understand English articles for Japan developers. That’s why I and my team have been managing our developer web site with localization and adding Japan original contents.

You can learn 4 things how to start to launch(or manage) your technical web site at first, and what we need for keep a good web site.

Why it is bad using English site originally

  1. Who will access our technical site
  2. How should we make our contents in our site
  3. Importance of developer web site specific in country

This session is very beneficial for attendees who want to make/manage their own developer web site.



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