Wataru Yamazaki

General Manager

Uhuru Corporation

Wataru Yamazaki is a General Manager and the team-lead of “enebular” product marketing team, Uhuru Corporation based in Tokyo, Japan.

He runs a product marketing team and also acts as a developer relations of the product – organizes meetups, a user community, tech contents – demos, hands-on labs, and communicates with users via social media.

Lessons learned from 18 months of the endeavour for Community Growth – Days of failures and success.

Eighteen months ago, I started my product community from scratch. Only six attendees showed up at the first meetup. I’ve worked out in many ways, sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t, and finally, I found a good one. In this session, I’ll show you examples of failures and success to explain the principle I found. The journey never ends.


Web: https://about.me/wyamazak

Twitter: @wyamazak

Facebook: /wyamazak

LinkedIn: /wyamazak

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