Woohyeok Kim

Rakuten, Inc.

Lead engineer working at Rakuten ranking test automation team. Organizer of Japan Selenium User Community Kansai Branch and tech event(e.g. E2E Test Automation Day), Java/Scala Developer. Captain from Korean Army.

He strongly sympathizes unlimited potentiality DevRel has and keeps trying to tell the value to all society hoping the society be empowered as ONE TEAM.

Developers, be the Evangelist


There are some different types of company. One company has own technical product and tries to impact on developer society with their product. The goal they keep seeking is to create new ecosystem, try to expand the area and create fandom of their ecosystem so that they let developers can be settled in the society naturally. The companies keep contesting each other to take the initiative. The professionals called ‘Technical Evangelist’ plays a critical role for coming true that. We can find it easily from some examples of Microsoft, AWS, Atlassian etc.


On the other hand, another company concentrate on providing service itself. They also have own product but it is just foundation of the service. Furthermore, the product is more related to service users society than it of developers and no one has role named technical evangelist. Actually this is about e-commerce company Rakuten I’m working at.


Joining to some ecosystems the other companies provide and studying DevRel, I saw unlimited possibility the field has. So I hoped that our company also be the central of the field keeping communicating with developer society.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough resources. All of available time, cost need to be used for engineering itself such as implementation, system maintenance, project/team management. It’s because I’m just a developer, not an evangelist.

Break the existing boundary

At that time, I wonder what it would be like if I try something new beyond my responsibility. I decided to bring my achievements as an engineer to the external stage. I thought the achievements also can be valuable product to for developer society. And finally I found the key to success.

Not much needed. We engineer just need to utilize our technique, experience and ownership. We can be evangelists and we can do everything.

I recommend this session to whom love your group and hope the group be center on developer society.


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